Dyslexia and Learning Disorders

This site exists to provide information about dyslexia and other learning disorders.  It exists because of Dr. Garth Vaz's desire to improve the lives of everyone dealing with dyslexia and other learning disorders. The method chosen to reach this goal is to make a wealth of information available to anyone interested in these areas. These resources are also meant to complement Dr. Vaz's lectures and in-services on dyslexia, learning disabilities and behavioral disorders.

The section titled Dyslexia and LD Presentations contains supplementary information for Dr. Vaz's presentations. It includes his paper titledDyslexia: An Appropriate Time To Assess, with its PowerPoint presentation. It also has the abstract and PowerPoint presentation for his newInattentive Learning Disorders presentations.

The Dyslexia Resources page contains linked outlines to resources for teachers and parents.

The Books pages contain information about books that Dr. Vaz hopes you may find helpful.

The Links and Addresses page contains links to other websites with information about dyslexia and learning disorders.  It also has conventional contact information for selected organizations and associations helpful to those dealing with dyslexia and learning disorders.

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