The following books are being featured on this site in the hope that they may help some see the potential hidden behind dyslexia and learning disabilities. The first book is a biographical piece written by a dyslexic about a dyslexic. The second is a collection of examples of how several different individuals have dealt with their learning disorders.

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The Docto He Begged to Be

What do you do when it seems as if the whole world is against you? If you're Garth Vaz, you just keep on fighting for your dreams. The Doctor He Begged To Be unveils the inspiring true story of a dyslexic man who goes through fire to reach his childhood goal of becoming a physician. This motivational tale portrays a man who, against great odds, never gives up, never gives in, and ultimately succeeds.

The pages of Vaz's engaging narrative draw you into Garth's life as he grows up in the tropical paradise of Jamaica, where life is never easy but is always good. Journey with him through a childhood filled with adventures and escapades, as well as the day-to-day struggles of school, family life, poverty and dyslexia. Meet Garth's loved ones-a mother who is nothing but encouraging and a brother who won't allow him to fail. Confront the people who always seem to be against him-a father who is selfish and hateful, a wife who doesn't believe he can succeed, and a community of doctors who label him "stupid." Follow Garth as he surpasses these barriers in his fight for higher education, and bask along with him in his final triumph.

The story of Garth Vaz is not just the story of one individual. It is the story of a whole community which is often misunderstood and treated unfairly. It is a sensitive portrayal of a dyslexic and dyslexia and includes useful information on this impairment, as well as on the Orton Dyslexia Society.

In its tremendous display of fortitude and perseverance, The Doctor He Begged To Be is a story for everyone who thought they'd never make it.

by A. McDonald Vaz

Although a lifetime of thought went into the writing of this book, A. McDonald Vaz may be considered the most unlikely of authors. Born and raised in Westmoreland, Jamaica, he attended the public schools of the area up to the eighth grade. From there he went on to attend West Indies College, a private church-run liberal arts institution in Mandeville, Jamaica, where he completed high school and junior college. Vaz received a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Oakwood College in Alabama after he himself struggled with dyslexia.

An amateur physicist, engineer psychologist, and humanist Philosopher he could best be described as an undisciplined genius. Vaz currently lives in Florida with his four sons. The Doctor He Begged To Be is his first published work.

Succeeding with LD

Succeeding with LD "This book is a welcome addition to the growing number of volumes that attest to the struggles and triumphs of individuals with learning disabilities. The thoughtful and touching accounts shared by ‘real people' inspire hope and promise. These personal accounts are testimonies to the human spirit, and reinforce our commitment to enable children and adults with LD to achieve their full potential and enjoy fulfilling and productive participation in our society."

Anne Ford, Chairman of the Board National Center for Learning Disabilities

Anitra, 15, has trouble understanding and using language. Peggy, 41, has difficulty with numbers. Carlos, 24, has problems reading, writing, and memorizing. Jack, 49, flunked out of college. What do these people have in common besides their LD? They are all talented, optimistic, and successful. They work hard, focus on their strengths, and refuse to hide their limitations. They are positive role models for everyone, with or without LD.

In this inspiring book, real people with LD tell their own stories. A few are famous (science fiction writer Samuel Delany, Kinko's Inc. founder Paul Orfalea, paleontologist Jack Homer-- a consultant for the movie Jurassic Park), but most are not (at least not yet!). You'll meet students, teachers, a computer programmer, athletes, musicians, and a doctor. All invite you into their lives, talk about people who helped them, remember times when they felt frustrated, sad, or angry, and offer wise advice. Each story includes questions that invite you to reflect an your own life, abilities, and successes.

You'll also find special sections with questions and answers about LD, tips for succeeding with LD, and resources (books, organizations, Web sites, etc.) you can turn to for more information.

Includes a special message to parents and teachers by Dr. Mel Levine, Director of the Center for Development and Learning, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Jill Lauren received her B.S. and M.A. in Learning Disabilities from Northwestern University. She is an LD specialist with a private practice in educational remediation in New York City.

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