The Practice

This page provides you with practical information about our practice. It includes descriptions of our office location, including a map and directions, hours, appointment scheduling, insurance acceptance and billing policies.

Gonzales Doctor - Gonzales Medical Office

The Vaz Clinic, PA
1103 N. Sarah DeWitt Dr. ~ P.O. Box 562
Gonzales, TX 78629-3311
Phone: 830-672-2424
Fax: 877-449-6516
Email: [email protected]

The Practice

Office and Urgent Care Hours:
Monday: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Tuesday: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Wednesday: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Thursday: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Friday: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Holidays 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM


Please contact our office at 830-672-2424.  Same day appointments are available.   If you cannot keep a scheduled appointment or will be delayed, please call us as soon as possible.

Financial Policy

Garth Vaz, MD / The Vaz Clinic, believes that part of good healthcare practice is to establish and communicate a financial policy to our patients. We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for you, and we want you to completely understand our financial policy.

* I agree to make ALL PAYMENTS WHICH ARE DUE AT THE TIME OF SERVICE this includes:

  • I agree to pay the charge of 10% of my account balance if I do not pay the requested balance in full at time of service.
  • I agree to pay a $35 fee if my payment processes as non-sufficient funds.

Copays – Copay amounts are usually listed on the front of your card. We also verify your insurance benefits for correct payment amounts. *no payment agreements*

Deductibles – If your insurance has deductibles for services provided you are required to pay the estimated deductible.

Self-Pay Visits – You must pay a deposit in advance of $280 and pay for any additional services at check-out.

Routine Physicals and Preventative Services - Some insurances have limitations on the dollar amount of service.  You will be responsible for any owed amounts at time of service.

Child Visits - A parent or legal guardian must accompany minor patients on all office visits. This accompanying adult is responsible for payment on the account.


  • If I do not call in advance at least 24 hours prior to my appointment time, it is considered a “No Show”. I agree to pay a $35.00 fee for 3 (three) “No Shows” appointments; plus an additional fee of  $15.00 for ($50.00) any additional “No Shows” after the first 3 (three).  Worker’s Compensation patients will be personally responsible for this amount.

Auto Accident Patients - If you are an auto accident patient you will be responsible for paying the full balance the day of the visit.  We will give you a summary of your charges so that you can submit to the auto-insurance company.  We cannot bill for this type of visit.

Workers Compensation Visit - If you are being seen under a Workers Compensation claim you must have a completed injury form from your employer and/or have Dr. Vaz listed as the PCP for authorization or you will be treated as a “self-pay” patient. We cannot bill your regular insurance for these claims.

DOT Physicals - We are no longer performing this service.

Indemnity Plans - We do not accept indemnity plans we are not in network with.  For those indemnity plans we are in network with we require paying the full balance the day of the visit.

HRA/HSA Accounts - We expect payment(s) at time of service.  We cannot wait for an HRA/HSA account to pay on claims as they do not guarantee payment.  We will reimburse you or apply the credit to your account for any paid amounts.

  • Patients in Collections - Patients with unpaid balances in collections can be terminated as patients with TVC and will be        required to pay the outstanding balance in full before they can be seen again as active patients of TVC.
    • I agree to pay a $35 collection fee if my account balance qualifies for collection agency.

Charges in Advance

You are welcome to ask about our fees before the visit, but many fees are determined by the complexity of the patient’s problem and the amount of time spent with the doctor. Therefore, we may not be able to state the exact amount of charges in advance.  In addition to the “up-front” fees there may be a balance owed, which you will pay at the time of check out.  In the event that there is an over-collection we can apply credit to your account or issue refund.

* After hours’ and Outside of Regular Working Hours fee will be asked to be paid upfront.

Urgent Care Hours: 12pm-1pm and 5pm-8pm are considered urgent care hours

  • As a self-paid patient, I agree to pay $30.00
  • As a patient with insurance, I agree to pay the charge amount depended from the insurance carrier
  • For Medicare or Medicaid patient there is no charge


  • Please see our Veterans section on this website under Menu
  • Contact our office at 830-672-2424 and ask for the Front Desk Coordinator for assistance

Billing Questions:

If you have questions in regard to any of your billing statements please contact our office at 830-672-2424 and ask for the Front Desk Coordinator.

Your Medical Home

At The Vaz Clinic, we strive to become Your Medical Home. Much has been said lately about the value of establishing a Medical Home for yourself to ensure optimal medical care. We at The Vaz Clinic, P.A. are pleased to provide you this high level of service! Your Medical Home is the place where ALL your medical records can reside, within our Electronic Medical Records, for easy retrieval when needed. A Medical Home helps your Primary Care Physician to better coordinate all your medical care. It provides a one-stop shop for managing care between your Primary Care Physician and any Medical Specialists you may need now, and into the future. Establishing Your Medical Home assists you in becoming, through the help of your Primary Care Physician, the master of your health care ship.

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