Minor Surgeries

It is generally referred to that class of surgeries that can be performed in our office under local anesthesia, without any need for sedation or general anesthesia. A variety of skin lesions, some of which are presented below, are among those that can be treated in our office by a minor surgery.


Almost everyone has a few moles or has heard of them. Although the majority of these moles are benign, on rare occasions they can become a health concern. We recommend that if you are concerned about a particular mole or if you have a number of them, you should undergo a general exam by a physician to determine whether they need to be biopsied. However, if a mole is of cosmetic concern to you, because of its location (i.e., on the face, shaving area, bra line, etc.) it could easily be removed by a minor surgery here at our office .


Refers to an extra piece of skin hanging in some area of the body. It is common on the neck, face, groin and under the arm. These are generally benign and can easily be cauterized (which means that they can be burned without stitching the skin). under local anesthesia at our office, wound care is recommended afterward.


Regardless of their location (hand, feet, genitals) they are an unsightly skin condition that can easily be treated by simple cauterization.


Are among the other cosmetic concerns. Depending on their location, type, or their size, they could possibly be treated by minor surgery.

Painless Circumcisions


Whether from a previous surgery or an old trauma, they could be revised using a minor surgical method to improve its appearance.


Of any kind need to be diagnosed by a trained physician to assure that they are not of any significant health risk, otherwise could be removed by a minor surgery. There are numerous other skin conditions that we may be of assistance to you, that are beyond the scope of this section. We perform biopsied to determine a pathological diagnosis for any concerning skin conditions. Call our office at 830/672-2424 to schedule a private consultation at your convenience.

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